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ICPE's Various Webinars

One of the key objectives of ICPE is to create awareness among the public at large on the importance of the right way of disposing plastic waste, the need for stopping the habit of littering and to impress upon them that life without plastic is unimaginable and therefore we should act responsibly in the disposal of used plastics. ICPE has been working in this direction for creating awareness among school students.


ICPE had organised an All India School Contest in 2018 to encourage school students to think about their environment; their roles and responsibilities in protecting it. Overwhelming response was received from students across the country, details of which are available in ICPE website.


We have great pleasure to continue engaging young minds explore this field and sharing their perspectives on how to improve the process of achieving a cleaner environment in general and with respect to the use of plastics in particular. Accordingly, we invite the students to participate in the All India School Contest 2019.

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