International Conference


Plastics Recycling & Waste Management


Opportunities & Challenges

Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai, India

27th, September 2018

India Habitat Center, Delhi, India                    28th, September 2018

Inauguration by
Shri. Hardeep Singh Puri
Hon’ble Minister 
Housing and Urban Affairs
 Govt. of India

Plastic Recycling & Waste Management

Opportunities & Challenges


Plastics have become ubiquitous in our lives due to their superior functionality, lower cost and unprecedented user convenience. These are used in diverse areas in agriculture, food processing, healthcare, industry, infrastructure and household goods. Packaging is the largest segment of use of plastics. Global demand of plastic has exceeded 300 million tonnes. Since plastic products are widely used and these do not degrade under normal conditions, large amount of waste gets generated. Some of these have accumulated in the environment, posing serious challenges.


Best way to handle plastic waste is to recycle it. Plastics are highly amenable to recycling. The challenges are in effective collection of waste that are segregated to make the process efficient. With industries’ focus shifting from linear to circular economy, recycling is gaining major traction. There have been significant improvements in recycling technologies both in equipment as well as in materials. The conference attempts to bring all stakeholders along the chain on a common platform to deliberate of various issues related to and impacting the recycling industry.